Bibliophilia.... The Idler 43: Back to the Land

Anyone who reads this blog frequently will be more than aware of my bibliophilic tendencies, I fiend for the book beautiful as much I lust for the mesmerizing content that it harbours. On a recent trip to London I, as usual, bought a few books. Corduroy Magazine ( sadly not the edition with Helena Christensen on the cover ),  Fashion Insider UK to which I was a recent contributor to, the profoundly insightful, investigative and refreshingly in-depth Elephant Magazine along with the exhibition catalogue for Rude Britannia: British Comic Art ( one of the best exhibitions I've experienced for a long, long time - pandering to my various current interests of Alice in Wonderland and the absurd- but none the less a fantastic experience with a marvelous curation that orchestrated an aesthetic symphony from so many juxtaposing and varied pieces ). However the best publication I stumbled across was The Idler: Back to the Land, No 43 . A gorgeous orange hardback with no book jacket and sumptuously thick creamy paper inside that has a lovely feel, typeset by Christian Brett of Bracket Press and edited by Tom Hodgkinson it includes essays by Simon Fairlie, Paul Kingsnorth and Harry Mount amongst others about politics, land, leisure and idling. 

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