Throughout any mode of enquiry a context is born. An autodidact's journey is peculiar, often elliptical, running off at tangents, gravitating towards fleeting interests, burning desires. Themes, memes, zeitgeists and canons gyrate. The effect is discombobulating if comprehended, however seldom. Often a learner's knowledge is perceived as that which has come to him. Like the notion of the Sun revolving around the Earth, this is not so. We are pulled towards the stars that give us life, towards sources of energy, decay, fusions, implosions and explosions. An Analemma could signify our queer contexts, plotting our paths so wild and frenzied in the cold dawn of empirical retrospect.

Analemma does not intend to provide a strict analysis of any particular topic or theme. It is not a linear re-presentation of enquiries or research; rather, it is an organically born tome harbouring myriad facets of interest(s) acute and oblique. Contexts maybe alien, content maybe curious - in retrospect, at some point, relevance will emerge from such chaotic genesis. Where context is explored, when a relative position is analyzed, this too will shift or morph.

As the shining source of one's journey sleeps on the other side of ones world (consciousness), one squints up at the darkness, in the cold night colours leap and a galaxy of freckles draws our gaze skywards. Peering into the shades of blackness fascinations blossom, apophenic curiosities haunting the panorama. As one's journey orbits the world the pareidolian is re-born as truth and vice-versa.

The first edition of Analemma contains themes and subjects of or obliquely/acutely related to (explored directly and operating in juxtapostion with one another) Occultism, Esotericism, Decay, Contemporary Philosophies, Black, Drone, Doom, Ambient and Experimental facets of Metal and percussively driven music, Avant-Garde Fashion, Theory-fictions, Horror Literature, Ergodic Text, Archaic exhumations, Illustrative Artwork, Greek History, Speculative Realism, Melancology, Literary Criticism, Journalistic Enquiries/Re-interpretations and Lovecraftian fictions and modes of analysis.