Nick Lands 'Fanged Noumena' emerges from the darkness....

Fanged Noumena is here at last! Urbanomic and Sequence Press have collaborated and released a beautifully produced 666 page edition ( aptly ) that harbours all of Nick Land's rabid, writhing and contorting texts from 1987-2007. The image opposite is lifted from Jake & Dinos Chapman's infamous 'Disasters of War IV', a similar image from the series is the cover image for Fanged Noumena ( pictured below ). The image I have selected here shows a rather vampiric chiroptera feeding upon a sleeping ( in perhaps any sense ) being. At the back of my mind there is an analogous resonance between a vampiric being's bloodlust and the act of Jake & Dinos Chapman feeding upon the cultural collateral of Francisco Goya's 'Disasters of War' etchings. No doubt the metaphor of the vampiric habit, the nocturnal feeding frenzy, could be extended to academia, in particular philosophy, as well as the Chapman Brothers rather capitalist cannibalism. After reading Land's intensely hallucinatory but razor strict 'Thirst for Annihilation' ( or in fact any of Land's texts ) the lasting impression is that of the authors superiority, he does not 'feed off', or piggy back upon the tsunami of historic thoughts or previous doctrines or paradigms, Land don't name check for kicks. Rather, the tone of his examination and/or implementation of histories scholars and renegades is that of knowing confidence, his efficiency to drop 'Mad, Black Deleuzianism' upon/amidst/around Heidegger and Kantian strata is not a praxis of schizophrenic autodidactism, not a simplistically (bi)polar punkian talent of juxtaposing cyberpunkian themes with cryptography, occult, numerological and grammatological. Land activates strategically, employing only the most poignant and devastating of philosophical devices at his disposal, that history and his expansive learnings have afforded, His writings could well be appreciated merely for the wealth/breath of influences and philosophical avenues re-animated and/or explored but the aspect to cherish most, that which is most Landian, is the talent to re-contexturalise myriad, disparate entities ( each more vivid and alive than that last secondary text wherein they arrived to us ) to re-formulate a coherence of destruction and nihilism, re-mixing and coagulation, his cold, machinic orchestration is but an instrument/vehicle to convey/carry his truly accelerationist and inhumanly progressive thoughts.

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