a-linguistic corporeal sounds of transformation

I'll be posting a bunch of horror films here (mostly as a way to store and keep track of them all) that contain examples of the voice in horror. I'll be posting stuff here for two reasons 1- It will follow on nicely from the few previous voice posts and my last Deleuze Cinema post. 2 - The examples are better off going here rather than on the Vocalities blog because it is quite an acute scope of research that will result in a lot of videos and it would be better to keep posts there for general discussion on voice and the texts from the seminars, I don't want to just turn Vocalities into a horror film dumping ground!

This is my first category: a-linguistic corporeal sounds of transformation. 

See a list of examples where the voices utterly guttural, bodily presence is given primacy and foregrounded for horrific effect. Oddly enough as a means of conveying transformation, either as an aspect of the pain of transformation or to signify (for the viewer/victim) that the body is not what it seems - the realisation of a doppleganger. I'll add more examples as I come across them.

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